We provide disadvantaged WOMEN with personal and professional improvement, using diverse and innovative methods to provide inspirational, educational, artistic and entertaining life-changing programs and experiences. We also provide various resources and funds to assist with specific and designated needs through our individual grants program.

"Know what sparks the light in you . Then use that light to illuminate the world"

Oprah Winfrey


ReTina is the name given at birth and I am committed to reigniting the human spirit. Known by some as very “resilient", my life’s work is to inspire women to restore their passion and renew their purpose; reigniting their lives to live a better life! I was two years into yet another life-challenging journey, when I began to see my purpose a lot clearer through the lives of women with similar experiences. In 2009 in a failing economy, I found myself as did so many other women across the country, with yet another opportunity to start over to regain our lives, while struggling to keep that spark of hope that life would get better. After many attempts to rebuild, drawing from many of my life experiences, the "ReTina ReIgnites" brand was born. While discovering and redefining what it was to become, it wasn't until I began reigniting my own life, that I found clarity in the profound purpose of my journey and founded the ReIgnite A Life Foundation to help women like me. I sincerely ask that you join us in helping women as they go on their own personal journeys with strength and courage and let us be passionate, innovative, dedicated and committed to find ways to help, while encouraging them to never give up their fight to do so. Strength and courage comes from keeping our faith, trusting the process and doing the work necessary to overcome any obstacles we may face along the way with just a little help from our friends. We are hopeful that we can attract the right partners, donors, resources and volunteers to become a part of our mission to empower women and build this foundation into something amazing! I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for reaching in and reaching out to ReIgnite With Us LIVES!