ReIgnite My Life™ is a life inspiring educational program, workshop series and talk, created by our founder to inspire passion in the hearts and lives of women; sparking hope and igniting change! She believes that in spite of the effects of life's unforeseen challenges, women have the opportunity to spark a fire inside their hearts to overcome obstacles, recharge their passion and restore wholeness to live a better life.


We have developed this program to assist individuals in three of the most essential areas of need and stabilization inorder to successfully rebuild ones’ life beyond job loss, divorce and other circumstantial hardships. Limited grants will be awarded to single women and single mothers on a case by case basis as funds and resources are available. New partners, donors and skilled volunteers are always welcomed to HELP Us in these areas. This is a new initiative and ongoing support is always appreciated. Specific criteria and programs must be met and completed by individuals before consideration of any award. All individuals must be referred by a licensed non profit organization or special group before submitting an application.

Scholarship Program 1

Career Assistance

Professional coaching, partner resources and tools to prepare for job interviews and professional development

Currently serving greater houston area

Scholarship Program 2

Housing Assistance

Partner resources and deposit help

Currently serving greater houston area

Scholarship Program 3

Transportation Assistance

Partner resources and vehicle down payment help

Currently serving greater houston area